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The Maison Emile BEYER is at the head of a vineyard of 17 hectares planted around the village of Eguisheim, of which a third are classified as Grand Cru : Eichberg and Pfersigberg.


pfersigberg_printemps.jpgThe Pfersigberg Grand Cru

"The hill of peach trees"

This Lieu-dit is located to the west of Eguisheim. Exposed to the south – south-west, it has the benefit of exceptional sunlight. The soil contains stones originating from the bed rock as well as clay and silt.

In this type of terrain, the retention of water as well as the colour of the soil and the low level of humidity favour the radiation of an intense warmth, leading the very early ripening of the grapes.

This Grand Cru which covers 74.55 ha is the ideal terroir for Riesling and Gewurztraminer.


vignes_trois_chateaux.jpgThe Eichberg Grand Cru

"The hill of oaks"

This vineyard at the foot of the Trois Châteaux (Three Castles), is sheltered by the buttresses of the Vosges and has the benefit of a particularly dry and warm micro-climate, as the level of rainfall is the lowest currently known in the Colmar region.

This Lieu-dit is located at an altitude between 220 and 340 metres. It benefits from an exceptional terroir, its soil being formed from clay, sand and scree.

This Grand Cru covers 57.62ha. The nature of its soil and the quality of its micro-climate are perfectly suited to Riesling.


vignes-ete.jpgThe Hohrain Lieu Dit

"The high slope"

Hohrain, like Pfersigberg, consists of conglomerate limestone, including Muschelkalk and Jurassic  stone.

It is located on the same hill as this Grand Cru but on its north-east slope.

This cooler location constitutes an ideal terroir for an early maturing vine variety such as Pinot Gris.

This slow maturation on a very well ventilated terroir enables the steady development of the pourriture noble.