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The Eguisheim vineyard

Located close to Colmar, capital of Alsace wine, the vineyard enjoys many advantages. The quality of the wines produced here, is derived from an exceptional natural combination of geological, geographical and climatic elements, in a word: the terroir.


eguisheim_vue_aerienne.jpgAs a major centre of French wine growing history and the cradle of Alsace viticulture, Eguisheim enjoys a real reputation among wine lovers. The exceptional geographical location of its vineyard benefits from the micro-climate of the Colmar region.

The level of rainfall in the Eguisheim region, due to the protection of the Vosges and a particular formation of the terrain, is amongst the lowest in France at no more than 550 mm per annum.

The climatic conditions in September (hot and dry during the day, and cool during the night), form an environment for the slow maturation of the grapes, enabling the presence of the fruity expression that is typical of Alsace wines.

The Eguisheim terroir, which is a veritable mosaic, is made up of marly limestone, sandstone and clay in variable proportions from one parcelle to another. This great geological diversity enables the potential of each wine variety to be expressed at its best.

The experience acquired over many years enables us to classify the entire range, not only according to vine varieties, but also according to the exposure and age of the vines.